Apple iPhone 5

Product code: IPHONE5

A remarkably slim design that still makes room for a larger display and a faster chip. Ultra-fast wireless that doesn’t sacrifice battery life. So much went into this iPhone. So you could get even more out of it

£4.90 / week

Product Specification

Screen Size
4 Inch
1136 x 640 (326 ppi)
Operating System
iOS 6 (Updatable)
Front Camera
1.2 Megapixels
Rear Camera
8 Megapixels

What makes the iPhone so easy to love?. Maybe it’s that it lets you do so many things, or that it lets you do so many things so easily. These are two reasons iPhone owners say they love their iPhone, but there are many others as well. Apparently love can be measured. In nine straight studies by J.D. Power and Associates (that’s every study since the first iPhone was introduced) iPhone has been ranked “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Consumer Smartphones” in the US. iPhone ranked highest in the study, which reviewed performance, physical design, features and ease of operation.

It’s nearly impossible to make a device so thin and light without sacrificing features or performance, yet iPhone 5 achieves that goal. It’s an accomplishment of engineering as much as of design. Every detail and every material - particularly the sleek aluminium enclosure - has been meticulously considered and refined. And it’s made with a level of precision you’d expect from a finely crafted watch, not a smartphone. As a result, iPhone feels substantial in your hand and perfect in your pocket.

The Retina display on iPhone ushered in the era of super-high-resolution displays. Its pixel density is so high, your eye can’t distinguish individual pixels. Images and text are amazingly vivid and crisp, and everything just looks so real. In fact, once you see a Retina display, you’re never satisfied with anything less. Yet it remains a feature found only on iPhone and other Apple products.

It’s impressive that iPhone 5 gives you long battery life so you can easily make it through your day. You get up to 8 hours of talk time, up to 8 hours of browsing over mobile networks and up to 10 hours of video playback. But it’s extraordinary that such a powerful battery has been incorporated into such a thin and light design - all thanks to Apple scientists who created unique battery chemistry instead of settling for a large, off-the-shelf option.

Apple designed the A6 operating chip to make just about everything you do on iPhone remarkably fast. It makes quick work of even the most graphics-intensive apps, and high frame rates make gameplay feel smooth and downright real. And the A6 chip works hand in hand with iOS 6 to be extremely power efficient, so you don’t sacrifice battery life for speed.

iPhone 5 has next-generation mobile data and wireless connectivity. It supports more networks all over the world including HSPA, HSPA+ and DC-HSDPA, and dual-band 802.11n wireless connectivity accelerates your WiFi experience as well. All of that means you can browse, download and stream content at remarkable speeds, no matter where you are.

The iSight camera on iPhone is the world’s most popular camera; an amazing piece of technology that’s always in your pocket. And while other smartphones simply tout large amounts of megapixels, taking great pictures is about so much more. The 8MP camera on iPhone 5 captures great photo data, and the hardware and software work together to make behind-the-scenes image and colour adjustments. So it’s easy for anyone to take impressive photos in various lighting conditions.

The more apps, music, films and TV programmes you download, the more you realise there’s almost no limit to what iPhone can do. With iPhone, all that content comes from one source - Apple. The iTunes Store is the world’s largest and most trusted entertainment store, and is home to over 800000 apps.

iPhone is so easy to use thanks to iOS 6. Innovative features like Siri and FaceTime, plus built-in apps, make iPhone not just useful but fun. iOS updates download straight to iPhone, so the latest iOS version is just a tap away. And because Apple makes both the hardware and the software, iOS features are designed to work perfectly with iPhone features like the Retina display, gyro and accelerometer. iOS is also the platform for over 800000 apps that let your iPhone do even more.

Siri - the intelligent assistant - lets you use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, make calls, set reminders and more. You can even ask Siri who’s winning the game. And with Eyes Free, you can use Siri to get things done in your car without taking your eyes off the road. You can speak naturally to Siri; it understands what you say, knows what you mean, and helps you do the things you do every day. All you have to do is ask.

iCloud takes the experience of using iPhone that much further, storing your content (music, photos, apps, mail, contacts, calendars, documents and more) and wirelessly pushing it to all your devices. And with Photo Stream, pictures taken on one iOS device automatically appear on all your devices, including your Mac or PC. iCloud is seamlessly integrated into your apps, and it all just works. So you’re up to date everywhere you go - all you have to do is nothing.

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