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What is Rental?

What is Rental?

What is Rental?

Dial-a-TV offer a range of household products on low cost monthly payments. Leaving you with no concerns about expensive service repairs, it’s all included in the price. This saves on the potentially high cost of repair in LCD panels or a high cost of call out for kitchen appliances.

Dial-a-TV stock an excellent range of budget rental equipment which has been professionally refurbished and receives the same standard of in-home service but at a much lower monthly outlay.

Renting from Dial-a-TV makes sense in this fast moving industry; the knowledge and help from an experienced team of advisors is included and only ever a phone call away.

TV Rental

TV rental allows you to move as quickly as new technology does. You can receive the latest technology and update it every year as new technology surpasses it. This is particularly popular with home entertainment rental equipment where updated features such as high definition, internet applications and 3D are introduced annually.

Washing Machine Rental

Washing machine repairs can be costly. By renting a washing machine you can avoid these unwanted financial outlays by letting Dial-a-TV take care of the service.

If you own your machine you will have to wait for service and parts, which can be both expensive and timely, with some repairs taking weeks. By renting with Dial-a-TV you can expect a speedy resolution or replacement at no extra cost.